Coldspring Center trainers deliver content based in the latest research and best practice methodology and interventions. We are dedicated to creating and delivering practical, innovative training rooted in adult learning theory. We challenge participants to rethink their work, and we teach skills that can be implemented right away. Coldspring Center trainings are dynamic learning experiences that can transform organizations and systems of care.

Online Training: The staff at Coldspring Center have years of experience in the development and delivery of online trainings. Working with the latest technology, we offer convenient, on demand web-based trainings that are packaged in courses that average 30-45 minutes in length. Learners may stop mid-course and return to where they left off. Each course includes download-able tools and resources. Online training allows for flexible implementation and individual pacing, which leads to improved knowledge retention and integration.

In-Person Training: Trainers utilize a participant-centered workshop approach, which includes interactions and adult learning activities to maximize learning, retention, and application of workshop concepts. These approaches, combined with a mastery of the topic and research, allow delivery of in-depth subject matter in a practical manner, targeted to the needs of the specific audience.

Blended Learning: Blended learning combines the ease of access and flexibility of the online training format with the pragmatic skills building that is incorporated into in-person training.

Most popular:

Explore Trauma Informed Excellence® 

Encompasses cutting-edge research on trauma's impact on the brain and human development, self-care, and leadership. The TIE Series is an innovative approach to aligning knowledge and practice with recent developments in neurobiology, genetics, leadership, and psychology.

Explore Medical Case Management Certificate 

Focus' on the skills needed by medical case managers, non-medical case managers, patient navigators, community health workers, linkage, outreach, and prevention staff. It provides a solid knowledge base, along with the clinical skills required to succeed with a diverse set of clients. The curriculum is available for a general Case management context, or with additional content for HIV Case Managers.

Explore Motivational Inverviewing 

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a powerful research based intervention that can be implemented regardless of the educational level of the service provider or staff person. MI is designed to strengthen a person's motivation for change. This training provides the foundation needed to implement MI effectively.

Explore Thrive: Self-care and Culture 

Building resilient staff, teams, and organizations is foundational to creating trauma informed services. Helping professionals are at risk of experiencing issues that mirror those of their traumatized clients. Knowledge is the best defense against burnout, vicarious trauma, and compassion fatigue.
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