Quality Improvement & Evaluation Services

Coldspring Center's staff bring years of expertise and practical experience in overseeing and implementing Quality programs. We work with our clients to integrate quality improvement into the fabric of their operations, helping meet the requirements of funders and, more importantly, the needs of the clients and communities they serve. Coldspring Center understands the importance of finding the right measures, applying software support, and creating effective implementation strategies that have team buy-in and are in alignment with existing work processes.

Quality Management Programs:

Understanding the quality and effectiveness of programs is no simple task. Coldspring Center uses the Quadruple Aim approach to measuring and understanding program success and areas for improvement. Improving our programs requires a focus on more than just one perspective. Programs must look to the health and wellness of their staff, the experience of clients and patients, as well as the program goals and outcomes and finances. Choosing to measure all four realms of functioning can bring an organization a deeper understanding of where their systems can improve, as well as an appreciation for the interrelationship of all four areas to each other.

Coldspring Center can support:

  • Development of overarching Quality Management programs
  • Implementation of specific quality improvement projects
  • Implementation of client & staff/provider experience surveys and focus groups
  • Implementation of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) Analysis
  • Research and development of meaningful, measurable, and manageable goals
  • Identification and utilization of software solutions to reduce the burden of measurement
Information System Development

Information systems are crucial for managing programs, monitoring quality, reporting to stakeholders, and ultimately for understanding progress toward program goals and outcomes. Coldspring Center assists organizations to assess their software needs, analyze available software to meet the program’s needs, document the program’s software needs and requirements, and project plan and manage information system development. On a limited basis, Coldspring Center assists with the design of software and works closely with Illumicode, LLC to develop software that is customized to meet an organization’s unique needs.

HIV Program Experience:

Coldspring Center has extensive experience working with HIV Programs and stakeholders to implement the multifaceted quality program requirements of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). Coldspring has partnered with clients to identify or create standards of service and comprehensive monitoring programs to help assess the level of system adoption of client-centered and effective services. Coldspring works within a quality improvement framework that supports grantees and providers to create plans of action that lead to greater success in meeting of community and grantors' expectations.

Coldspring Center also has experience supporting HIV service organizations to meet HRSA Client Level Data Reporting requirements, including:

  • Implementation and development of RSR reporting solutions
  • Development of custom RSR reporting solutions
  • Development of electronic health record (EHR) exports for both RSR and CAREWare Provider Data Import (PDI)
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