HIV Essentials

The HIV Essentials online training series is designed to provide key information about HIV. It covers the basics of HIV and prevention, reviews the biology of HIV and the human immune system, and introduces the learner to different types of HIV treatments and medications as well as tools for adherence. This series is appropriate as an introduction for new staff, or a refresher for any staff who work with people living with HIV.


"Good foundation and comprehensive overview of HIV management!"

"The information was accessible regardless of one's prior knowledge."

"The graphics made the complicated information easy to understand."

"Non-stigmatizing and informative!"

"Good, detailed information on PEP and PrEP. Also appreciated the explanation of different types of tests."

"I thought I was fairly knowledgeable about HIV/AIDS basics and prevention because I learned about it in the early days, but I really wasn't. There is greater clarity and more information all the time and my knowledge wasn't up to date. Thank you for this refresher!"

"I haven't previously learned about the drug classes or the specific lab tests regularly given and I feel that was very helpful information in understanding the whole picture."


Our online courses are on-demand, self-paced trainings that average 30-45 minutes in length. Learners may stop mid-course and return to where they left off. Each course also includes download-able tools and resources.

Continuing Education Credits (CECs)
  • HIV Essentials Certificate - 2 hours/CECs


Online Courses (3 courses)
  • HIV Basics & Prevention
  • HIV & the Immune System
  • HIV Treatment & Medications


HIV Essentials is not currently available as a facilitated virtual training. If you are interested in providing this training for your team as a facilitated training, contact us to discuss customizing a training to meet your specific needs.


These documents are provided in Adobe PDF format.

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